An automatic medicine dispenser – a drug device that will solve your consistency problems

Established on the struggle of many patients all over world, an electronic medication dispenser that controls the exact medicine absorption may have a direct result on the person’s therapy effectiveness due to the consistency of assuming medicines.


Autor: FotoPlus Collective
Moreover, there are as well the lower medication costs by decreasing unwanted and unnecessary treatment extension.
As to assure the efficient application of medications during the day (normally: morning, midday, evening and night) numerous patients and their folks who take drugs use traditional plastic pharmaceutical dispensers. Recently, modern automatic drug devices are available on the market. The electronic medicine dispenser has an electronic device (an alarm with a pulsating or visual signal) which is linked to a packaging containing medications. Due to the automatic dispenser, the patient is always alerted at the exact moment about the necessity of taking drug, what significantly reduces forgetting about taking the medicine, and thus increases the efficiency of the treatment.

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What is more, when the patient, despite the warning, does not take the pharmaceutical, the drug device will repeatedly remind to take it until it will not be confirmed on the device.

An electronic pharmaceutical device will provide a sense of safety when looking after kids or older parents and will help reducing the health risks of using medicament at inappropriate times or against the specialist’s recommendation!