Automotive business is one of the most industrial brands on the marketplace!

People always wanted to travel quickly and without any problems from 1 location to another. However, the transport few hundred years ago was not as simple and quickly as it is nowadays.
In the Medieval period people were pleased if they were owners of a horse or donkey. They did not know bicycle or even circle! In the Medieval period the individuals used their foot to travel from one place to other. They were very healthy and they do not suffer from obesity like nowadays’s people.

Samochód terenowy marki Ford

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The first auto has been designed in 1770 in France. It was not similar to present version of this vehicle. It was a towing vehicle – an experiment made by French, Nicolas Cugnot. There had to be passed many years to people have been able to enjoy driving in the crowded towns.
Over hundred years after experiment design of Nicolas Cugnot the individuals could buy automobiles. In 1907 Henry Ford has started a company located in Detroit, US where he began a long run production of his car. The car was called Model T and since 1907 his corporation sold over 15 million pieces of the automobile! It was a great achievement, because the individuals had to change their habits and learn how to drive.
Nonetheless, since the beginning of the twentieth century the individuals loved to drive automobiles and since the successful beginning there has been made plenty corporations which tried to sell their vehicles.
Today, over 100 years after Model T and 1st Ford company, here are many car corporations. Moreover, Ford company is still available on the market. There is a list of 10 the most influential auto companies in 2011. The ranking is based on the amount of sold automobiles in 2011.

1. General Motors
2. Volkswagen
3. Toyota
4. Hyundai
5. Ford
6. Nissan
7. PSA
8. Honda
9. Renault
10. Suzuki

As it can be observed here is a big amount of competitions in automotive business. In times of crisis, those companies had to struggle not only competitions but also undecided with financial difficulties customers. Nonetheless, General Motors is one of the influential vehicle corporations since many years. Their automobiles are equivalent of comfort and sensible price.
Automotive industry is one of the most industrial types on the marketplace. The aim is not just unique outline but also safety.

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