Do you know the biggest machines that are used for mining?

Have you ever wondered what are biggest devices that are utilized on a daily basis in several areas of the market? It appears that we will be really astonished by the hugeness of a few of those creatures.

mining machines

Autor: Giuseppe Milo
If we want to dig a little bit deeper with this topic, all of us should focus on the mining machines. Why? It’s because mining industry is full of such spectacular things. One of those will be Bagger 293 – totally powerful machine, situated in Germany and used in the coal mine. This particular monster is 96 meters high and two hundred twenty five meters tall and it demands five individuals to operate it. What is very interesting, it is not really a stationary machine – Bagger 293 can ride, but dUE to its size and weight the velocity is just 0,5 km/h.
Another one – named Overburden Bridge F60, happens to be the world’s greatest machine that moves on its own. Here is the main part – it is sixty meters high, 502 meters long and 240 meters wide! Can anybody imagine such colossus? It may be just mind blowing, isn’t it? And as we noted previously, it can proceed on its own – the speed is only 0,78 km/h, though. This particular machine is utilized as the conveyor in one of the German open air mines. And now something for many who like extremely big vehicles.
Do you know the machine called Trex RH400? It’s the world’s biggest riding excavators. Wonder how big it is – well, 10 meters high and one thousand ton weight. Sounds heavy, right? It can move eighty-five tons of the exploration output at once.

This kind of huge machines are totally mind-blowing, especially when we see those in action. There are plenty documentary movies on YouTube where we we can observe how those colossus work.