Do you want to enhance productivity of your e-store and your workers at the same time? Sales Support Software is the right solution for you!

Merchants are progressively choosing to support conventional online store. Many of the newly established firms also depend on their online shops, completely resigning from the conventional ones.

E-commerce is growing very fast – increasingly more Internet users are shopping online and more and more firms are adopting this innovative, auspicious sales channel.


Autor: Timothy Marsee
To make our online shop as lucrative as possible, we have to make sure that our service does not require from us too much work. Increasingly more e-shops are investing in resolutions that perit the transfer of essential but annoying tasks from the worker to the sales support software. By basing it on the most recent generation of ERP software and process engines specially constructed to support online sales, we can dramatically speed up the delivery time of each request. If the program on which our e-shop is established will be linked with the software we use in our daily operations, this will give our firm great savings. The bigger the products database, the more contractors and furnishers, the more we are able to spare on the cooperation of both softwares.

Why? Both systems will operate on the same database, eliminating the urgency to import / export data or reenter it manually; the virtual shop operator will only have one place to deal with, which decreases the time required to switch between programs; no requirement to manually introduce data will diminish the risk of errors. And it all leads us to the most substantial: the maximum reduction in the expense of operating the virtual store while maintaining high quality of service, both thanks to sales support software.