Santorini – the wonder amongst Greece islands. What we know about this place and how can we get there?

Santorini isle is placed at the southern part of Cycladic archipelago. The resulting collapse of the part of the volcano, so it’s a stony residue. The weather on the isle is standard Mediterranean with mild winds from the Northen Europe, that soften the high temperatures.
The main town is the administrative capital of the isle – Fira. Santorini stupefy with its great views and amazing sunsets. Tourists are attracted red rocks and dark sand beaches. It is a enormous, dark beaches and awesome blue water are the glory of Santorini. Particularly worth recommending is Red Beach, placed near the Akrotiri. All of tourists are aware that these parts possess the best hotels in Santorini.

The island is a paradise for those who love an active holiday. Rafting, kitesurfing, windusurfing, Diving, Tennis – these are just some of the chances for doing active free period. Besides the best hotels in Santorini they also posses another extras. Throughout the isle’s plenty restaurants, inns and bars, serving typical Greek dishes and good drinks – spend time in hotel in Santorini. Shoppers should also find some for themselves, boutiques, jewelry shops, and a lot of more. It is also worth screfice some time to visit the monuments that are located on the island.


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The isle is good available through a tours agency proposing airplane flight. Additionally, you get the choice of accommodation included in price. When we contemplate luxury boutique hotels Santorini has a lot to propose. We can choose board, many attractions, as well as perfectly standard version. The island also run cruises – meet Iconic. Unfortunately, it consume quite a long time, cause the isle is several hundred kilometers away from the mainland. Additionally if we are choose a cruise we must to ourselves search a hotel. However, looking for the phrase: „luxury boutique hotels Santorini” simply find what you looking for.

When should we go there? Santorini has a typical Mediterranean weather with warm and long summertimes and very mild winters. Season begins with a beautiful spring in April and goes on until October. The highest temperatures are from in summer months. Breezes blowing from the north pleasantly chill the warmed air.
So there is no point in further analyzing and if we can take a week off, take a summertime to Santorini.