The concerns connected with fast technological changes and how to mitigate them

Nowadays people tend to live in a world full of various appliances. The inventions that are really ingenious are being built in front of our eyes.


Autor: Cajsa Lilliehook
Some things become widely fashionable – there are cases that nearly everybody wants to get their hands on this particular thing.
It is not easy to imagine how all these things around are produced – which solution is applied where. In modern ventures the complex products like engines are mounted from components to the final form in just several hours. Automation is a crucial aspect. Due to it, manufacturing can be finalized with great speed and more efficiently. Some people think about the way it is transferred into quality. Many producers mind it and they run minute quality approvals on various stages. For some solutions, for example medical equipment, the demanded quality is a vital aspect which decides whether the device can be authorised or not. Nevertheless, the excess of all the items and the truth that we live in a consumption society cause side-production of heaps of litter.

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The over-usage of plastic containers, bottles and other things is a cause of the pollution of the environment. The knowledge about this can mitigate it and encourage the society to initiatives like recycling or buying more eco-friendly products.

Luckily, people gradually learn more about the threats for our planet.

It raises a hope that our planet is not so threatened. The technical progress is a fact that will not be prevented, but it ought to be realized conforming to strict rules.