Arrange a trip to United States by yourself

Since last 10 years, when Poland become a lot more rich because of partnership in EU, we’ve a lot more options for summer holidays then before. Each year prizes of airline tickets are cheaper, therefore even intercontinental travels are available for plenty of individuals.


Autor: Susanne Nilsson
If you want to have a holidays of your lifetime you should go to the USA.

Autor: Lukas Plewnia
Formalities before the trip

Even if Poland is member of European Union since more than ten years, still Polish travelers need to apply for a visa to pass the borders of USA, before flight booking. That is why if you’re arranging a visit to this place first you have to do is to book an interview with American consul, you can select Warsaw’s or Cracow’s division. You’ll wait for a term for about several weeks, according of amount of applicants. Than you’ll need to go to one of those cities to answer couple of questions and to show important papers, which will proof you do not have a criminal record and will show your financial condition.

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If anything will go alright you will get a travel visa that would be valid for a decade.

Fly around the USA
The cheapest airplane tickets are available to New York, therefore it is ideal place to start your journey. NYC is know for amazing landscapes, Statue of Liberty, a lot of skyscrapers and another fascinating attractions. If you are admirer of art don’t miss the trip to Metropolitan Museum, it contains possibly the biggest exhibition of Western paintings.

From New York you may book a domestic flight to different area of USA, it’s very cheap kind of transportation, Americans are using it very often. For example plane ticket to San Francisco should cost you not more than 100 dollars in both directions.