The best destinations for vacations in Europe

When we’re sick of long winter at the beginning of the year, it is an ideal moment to begin organization of next holidays. Right now we have plenty of options to select, cause airline companies are offering plenty different links in Europe.


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Which locations will be nicest for you for longer vacations this year?


Select the best destination
If you’re admirer of tanning and swimming in the water, perhaps you should book a flights to some of Greek isles? Corfu, Crete, Rodos, there’re many destinations to explore, stuffed with ancient monuments and spectacular beaches. You may spend entire day on the seaside, and during the afternoon explore the rest of appeals available in there for you. When you better want to feel the spirit of Mediterranean Europe, Italian islands, like Sardine or Sicilia will be ideal spot for your vacations.
Perhaps you don’t need to spend a journey in exotic climate and explore the architecture of big capitals instead? In that situation you can visit some of the Scandinavian cities. Norway, Iceland or Denmark are entirely different than capitals in different part of Europe. Local capitals are stuffed with short, colorful mansions, amazing landscapes and very friendly people. In summer, weather in there is ideal for sightseeing, days are warm and sunny and you do not need to be afraid about rain.
One of the most famous country among Polish tourists is Spain, also filled with a lot of interesting locations. Reserve flights to Barcelona where you will explore one of a type architecture, created by talented artist, Antonio Gaudi.

Also, city is situated near to the seashore, therefore you’ll be able to spend several days on the beach. Next nice town in the country is Madrid, while being there you have to explore Prado Museum for sure.